Our services

We are offering everything you need to grow your business online.

In one place, you can receive all services you need to grow and develop your business online, no matter how big is your business, and which stage you are at now. We have something to offer for everyone. Our professional experts will analyze your business and recommend the most suitable services uniquely for your business. We are proud of what we are offering as we know our quality and we know the results our clients are getting from working with us.

Our main services

Our main services:

1. Professional Business or other purposes website design.

We are offering professional web design for your business. What does it mean? And what difference with regular web design?


You can find a lot of different web developers and web designers in the market. But how to know that they are offering great services? First of all, a website should look not just beautiful, but “healthy” too. This means that your website should load fast and all buttons should work properly and redirect your customers according to their needs, and of course, it should look attractive and catchy.


One of our main goals is that your website would totally reflect your business. It is a sort of a virtual office of your business. When people are browsing your website, they should receive all necessary information about your company and your services, and have an easy access to contact you or purchase your product or your services.


Your website should work for your business and fully represent you. We want that you would be proud of your website and proudly redirect people to visit your business website where they can find all necessary information.

If you are not a good sales person – we will make sure that your website will be your best virtual salesperson. There will be all necessary information required for clients to make a purchase, including FAQs and answers. You won’t need to struggle anymore, just give your business card to your potential clients and suggest them to visit your Business website.

Professional Business or other purposes of website re-design.

2. Professional Business or other purposes of website re-design.

We are offering a professional re-design of your existing website. Very often our clients have an existing website for so many years, but its look and design are outdated, or they just have a very simple website “business-card” and they want to expand its menu or insert an online shop to the website. No problem – we can do it too. We will make your existing website look beautiful and attractive, and at the same time very fast and functional.


We will make sure that your website fully represents your business in a modern way, including

all necessary things which are important to have if you want your website to organically appear in Google searches.


We are continuously learning and keeping our knowledge up-to-date to perform the best services and design the best possible website for you. Our goal is to keep you satisfied with our services and to make you proud of your new re-designed website.

Managing and maintaining your website

3. Managing and maintaining your website

If you already have a website, that’s great. If not yet – we will be happy to help you and create one for you. But every website needs maintenance. What does it mean and what does it include?

When some web developer or web designer create a website for you, they will usually offer to take care of it to keep it up-to-date for some time. In some other cases, you will have to take care of it by yourself. We totally understand that you are busy running your main business and you don’t have enough time and skills to take care of your website on your own. Therefore, we are offering this service. You can simply relax and be sure that your website is running smoothly, all information is where it should be, and during that time when you planned it to be there.


The majority of our clients are running their business, and we are managing their business online.


It is very very important to keep your website up-to-date, not just because it looks beautiful and professional, but first of all for the safety of your website. It is statically proven that approximately 45,000 to 50,000 websites are hacked or attacked by viruses and malware every week. We don’t want that your website would be one of them. Therefore. as soon as some new virus is becoming popular, antiviruses are created to protect websites from it, and we make sure that protections against viruses and malware are regularly updated on your website to the latest version. Of course, this step cannot fully protect your website just by itself, therefore we implement some other measures to make sure your website has maximum protection.


We make sure that all of the features of your website work perfectly, and your clients will enjoy browsing your website.


We take care, not only about the technical side of your website, but we take care about updating your information and content. For example, you would like to put seasonal photos on your website’s slider or add new services to your website, or maybe add some new photos to your gallery – no problem, we will do it for you too.


As we mentioned before – you will run your business, and we will take care of all the aspects of your business online.


Managing your Ad campaigns

4. Managing your Ad campaigns, including creating Ad strategy for your business

An advertising campaign is a great tool to promote your business online, reach more clients and generate more revenue for your business. Nowadays you can promote your business on almost all social media platforms. For some businesses, Facebook Ads work the best, and for other businesses, Instagram Ads can be better, and so on. Some people assume that Ad campaigns are expensive – and they are right. Others say that Ad campaigns pay off and give a good return on your investment, and these people are right too. Ad campaigns can be expensive, but they can be a very good investment that can generate more sales for your business and more revenue at the end of the day.


If you want to be successful with online advertising of your business – you need to create an Ad strategy. Only with a unique, well planned and well-implemented advertisement strategy for your business and for your niche, you can achieve good results while paying a minimum amount for ads and having maximum return for your money, in other words – with minimum investment in the advertisement, you should generate more sales for your business.


One of the most popular ways to advertise your business is to advertise it on Google. Google Ads are very powerful for promoting your business. It is statistically proven that 75% of people use Google as a search engine. How great would it be if your website can show on the first Google search results page when people are searching for services or products that you offer. But people say Google Ads cost a lot of money. In some ways they are right, as we said before, if you don’t have the right Ad strategy, or if your business website is not set up properly to show for the right keyword searches – you might really end up paying a lot, without having much out of it. But if we set up your website properly, create a good advertising strategy for your business and continuously follow up on your advertisement’s performance, you will have the greatest return of your investment, and much more sales that you could have imagined or anticipated.


Back in the days, people used to post their ads on billboards, newspapers, journals or other places where it was possible to set printed advertisement posters. But how was the return of their investment in advertising? Usually – if the magazine is more popular – it would be more expensive to advertise there. And of course, place, where your advertisement is posted, is very important too – it’s a big difference if it is on the first page, or somewhere at the bottom of the last page – and the cost would definitely be different as well. But how can you know how many people saw your advertisement, how many people were interested to see your advertisement, and how many actually bought because of seeing it? You could never know. You can just make assumptions. Luckily, we can now post online ads, and even check all information on your Ad performance right at your fingertips. You can see how many people saw your ad, how many clicked on it to read more about your services or product, and finally how many people placed an order on your online shop.


Thanks to modern tools, you can even find out on which page of your website your potential clients are leaving, and figure out why they are leaving without placing any order. It is so useful and so easy to know all necessary information related to your business.


Of course, this is very time-consuming and you must have special knowledge and skills if you want to run your Ad Campaigns successfully. Here we are – we will help you with it. We will use our skills, experience, and knowledge to promote your business online and make sure you will receive the greatest value for your money. Hiring our services to create the right ad strategy for their business, our clients make much more money that they would ever do alone. And the most pleasant thing is that, with our help, they pay much less money for Ad campaigns that they would pay for their campaigns without our help, plus their sales would increase tremendously.

Creating and managing your Business social media profiles

5. Creating and managing your Business social media profiles on the most popular social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

In the modern world, every respectful business has at least one social-media business profile. If you want your business to be up-to-date, you need to make sure to have a Business website, as well as social media presence on one or several social-media platforms. But handling all social-media profiles besides running your business can be too overwhelming, especially if you haven’t done it before and you don’t know from where to start and how to do it. Especially that every social-media platform is so different and you must know all different tricks to have a successful profile.


No worries, we will help you with your social media profiles too. If you don’t have any and you would like to start one or more – we will create for you professional Business profiles, brand them according to your business and regularly fill them with appropriate information, which will represent and promote your business in the best ways.


We together will decide your goals and set a strategy on how to achieve them. Some clients want to keep posting on their social-media twice a week and grow their audience naturally, other clients prefer to have a more aggressive strategy, and they prefer to grow audience/followers on their professional profiles first, and then start posting interesting and relevant information. Everything depends on your needs and your goals. We will analyze which way would work the best for your business and we will do it for you. We will suggest to you which social-media stream or streams are the most suitable for your business and we will work on them. You can just relax and receive our regular reports and regularly check how your accounts perform.

xSocial-media consultations and courses

6. Social-media consultations and courses

This is one of our new services. Many of our clients for whom we created business websites asked us where to start to be successful in social media. Which technique is the best?  Which social-media would be the best for their unique business?

We decided to make their life easier and teach them to do it by themselves.

If you decide to hire us to educate you more on social media, we will share with you our knowledge, experience, and trends which will help make your professional business profiles successful and represent your business in the best ways. We will teach you all the necessary information that will help promote your business on each specific social media platform.


You can book with us a private consultation, where we will talk about your business and we will create together Business Profiles for your business if you don’t have yet. We will teach you how to handle your profiles, how to grow them, what is the best time to share your posts to have maximum audience. We will share with you the best tools that you can use to automate your posting process, and much more.


The other option is to book a course – we will meet in a group of people for 2 hours 4 times for 2 months. It is a great opportunity for people who would like to attend classes regularly, become more familiar with different social media platforms and grow their own business profiles under professional guidance.

Creating and managing your email marketing campaigns

7. Creating and managing your email marketing campaigns

We are offering professional services in creating and managing email marketing campaigns. What is this?

If you have some information you would like to send to your customers in bulk from your professional email xxx@domain of your business we will do it in bulk. If you don’t have we can help you with creation regular letters to your customers or positional customers. If you don’t have your professional email with the extension of your business, but still using extension gmail.com – no problem we can create for you your professional email address.

What are people usually sending to their customers?

Anything they want to send them or remind about something. Most popular are: seasonal greetings, special offers, information about new products or some educational articles.

Online marketing for your Business

8. Online marketing for your Business

We know how to promote your business online. We will create a special strategy and use the newest tools which will help to market your business and increase your sales. We will suggest you the best ways how to promote your business online where you will receive the greatest value for your money.

Branding your Business

9. Branding your Business

We will help you to brand your business. It looks so beautiful and so professional when your business online and in real life looks the same way. When you see that this social-media pages really belong to that business, and you easily can recognize it in the same colors, style, logo and look.


Every successful business should be recognized as a brand. It is so important to know your brand and to make sure that your brand truly represents your business. It is important to know the core values of your business, first of all, it will be much easier for you to run your business, but one of the most important – it will help you attract your ideal customers. Ideal customers with other words are devoted customers. No matter which new things you decided to implement into your business – they will be first who are ready to buy those services or those products.

We will make sure that no matter where your potential customers or existing customers read and find information about your business they will be able to immediately recognize that this is the brand of your business. All your professional business pages, your website, and printing materials will be harmonically representing your business. We will create your brand for your business.


Feel free to contact us to find more information about each service we offer.