Managing and Maintaining Website

If you already have a website, that’s great. If not yet – we will be happy to help you and create one for you. But every website needs maintenance. What does it mean and what does it include?

When some web developer or web designer create a website for you, they will usually offer to take care of it to keep it up-to-date for some time. In some other cases, you will have to take care of it by yourself. We totally understand that you are busy running your main business and you don’t have enough time and skills to take care of your website on your own. Therefore, we are offering this service. You can simply relax and be sure that your website is running smoothly, all information is where it should be, and during that time when you planned it to be there.

Managing and maintaining your website

The majority of our clients are running their business, and we are managing their business online.


It is very very important to keep your website up-to-date, not just because it looks beautiful and professional, but first of all for the safety of your website. It is statically proven that approximately 45,000 to 50,000 websites are hacked or attacked by viruses and malware every week. We don’t want that your website would be one of them. Therefore. as soon as some new virus is becoming popular, antiviruses are created to protect websites from it, and we make sure that protections against viruses and malware are regularly updated on your website to the latest version. Of course, this step cannot fully protect your website just by itself, therefore we implement some other measures to make sure your website has maximum protection.


We make sure that all of the features of your website work perfectly, and your clients will enjoy browsing your website.


We take care, not only about the technical side of your website, but we take care about updating your information and content. For example, you would like to put seasonal photos on your website’s slider or add new services to your website, or maybe add some new photos to your gallery – no problem, we will do it for you too.


As we mentioned before – you will run your business, and we will take care of all the aspects of your business online.