Social-media Consultations and Courses

This is one of our new services. Many of our clients for whom we created business websites asked us where to start to be successful in social media. Which technique is the best?  Which social-media would be the best for their unique business?

We decided to make their life easier and teach them to do it by themselves.

Social-media consultations and courses

If you decide to hire us to educate you more on social media, we will share with you our knowledge, experience, and trends which will help make your professional business profiles successful and represent your business in the best ways. We will teach you all the necessary information that will help promote your business on each specific social media platform.


You can book with us a private consultation, where we will talk about your business and we will create together Business Profiles for your business if you don’t have yet. We will teach you how to handle your profiles, how to grow them, what is the best time to share your posts to have maximum audience. We will share with you the best tools that you can use to automate your posting process, and much more.


The other option is to book a course – we will meet in a group of people for 2 hours 4 times for 2 months. It is a great opportunity for people who would like to attend classes regularly, become more familiar with different social media platforms and grow their own business profiles under professional guidance.